• Haulage of G-Wagon from Lagos to Kano.
  • Haulage of Mercedes Benz Splinter Bus from Lagos to Port Harcourt. 
  • Haulage of Lexus Jeep and car from Lagos to Uyo. Delivered for Mr. Marvel.
  • Haulage of Range Rover from Lagos to Enugu for Mr. Victor C.T.B. Auto delivered.

Vehicle Recovery And Rescue

  • Accident Rescue of Lexus car in Anambra.
  • Recovery and Haulage of Lexus car from Anambra to Lagos.
  • Recovery and Haulage of Mercedes Benz E-Class and GLA fro Apapa to Mercedes Benz Office at Lekki for Mr. Gideon Nwachukwu.

Fleet Management

  • Fleets management for GAC Motors; from Lagos to Abuja. 
  • Fleets management for GAC Motors; from Lagos to Abuja.
  • Haulage of 20 Toyota Prado Jeeps for Mr. Chuka of Binch Autos And Shelter from Lagos to Abuja delivered
  • Fleets management of 50 units of Vintage haulage for Mr. Obiora. Haulage delivery form Lagos to Enugu. Contact us for your vintage vehicles from 1940 to 1995.
  • Fleets management of 200 units of CIG Motors, Model GAC GS8, GS5, GS4 and GS3). Haulage delivery form Lagos to Abuja and other states across the country.
  • Fleet Management (British American Tobacco) 100 units haulage delivery of Toyota Hilux to 36 states and FCT.

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